Brooking scholars and supervisory staff publish letter in support of Brookings United

Today, over 40 Brookings scholars and supervisory staff published a letter in support of our union. The letter, in part, read:

We, the below supervisory staff, scholars, and other members of the community who are not in the Brookings United union, support the right of non-supervisory staff to organize and collectively bargain.

We are proud to be part of the Brookings community, and appreciate its contributions to the common good. It is because of this that we urge President John Allen and the Board of Trustees to voluntarily recognize the union. Voluntary recognition aligns with Brookings’ values of equity, inclusion and opportunity, and with the Institution’s commitment to the growth of the middle class. It puts our scholarly research into practice.

Read the full letter and growing list of signers here.

We are deeply grateful to our colleagues who have come out in support of our right to organize and have joined our call for Brookings management to voluntarily recognize our union. This makes even more clear that our union has overwhelming support throughout the institution and we are eager to receive voluntary recognition soon.