Brookings Employees Form Union

WASHINGTON, April 13, 2021 – Today, a supermajority of the nonsupervisory staff at the Brookings Institution have formed a union and are requesting voluntary recognition by Brookings leadership. This union is the culmination of a three-year effort that will empower Brookings employees and make the institution stronger.

With their union, Brookings staff seeks to gain a greater voice in the organization to improve retention and job security, create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, enhance paid family and parental leave, and provide clear benchmarks for compensation and career advancement.

“While we are proud to work at Brookings and are committed to its mission of providing independent, high-quality research, we recognize that there is room for improvement,” said the Brookings United organizing committee.

“We fundamentally believe this effort is aligned with Brookings’s values and will ensure that a more diverse group of people will be able to work and thrive at this organization. With the formation of this union, a new, more worker-friendly and cooperative era at Brookings will be ushered in, and the institution will cement itself as one of the largest, most reputable think tanks in the world.”

Brookings United represents nearly 200 Brookings employees from all departments and in almost every type of occupation. From researchers and project coordinators to communications professionals, fundraisers, administrators, and more, Brookings United represents the voices of the marginalized workers. The Nonprofit Professional Employees Union (NPEU), a local of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Employees (IFPTE), will be representing the union. 

“We welcome Brookings United to NPEU,” said Interim President Katie Barrows. “Brookings employees’ commitment to strengthening their workplace by joining together with their colleagues is impressive, and we are so excited they have formed their union! We look forward to Brookings management promptly recognizing Brookings United.”

“Brookings is the intellectual home for policy ideas that empower working people and Brookings United is excited for this new partnership so that together, we can create a more inclusive and sustainable environment in the post-COVID-19 world,” said the Brookings United organizing committee. 

For more information, visit the Brookings United website.

About NPEU:
The Nonprofit Professional Employees Union (NPEU), a local of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, represents professionals employed at more than 30 nonprofit organizations (and counting), including employees at Economic Policy Institute, the Center for American Progress, and Community Change. With several hundred members, NPEU gives nonprofit workers a voice to strengthen their workplaces and continue to do work that makes a difference in people’s lives.