Our deadline for voluntary recognition is this week

It has now been nearly two weeks since we requested voluntary recognition from Brookings management, and tomorrow, April 27th, is the deadline we provided for response.

Last week our colleagues at the Urban Institute were informed that their management intends to voluntarily recognize their union and the ACLU finalized their voluntary recognition with NPEU as well. More than 90% of NPEU workplaces receive voluntary recognition

While we still don’t know what management will do, we are still extremely hopeful that they will follow the industry standard and voluntarily recognize our union. 

If Brookings management chooses not to voluntarily recognize us, we expect they will use language to sow doubt about the level of support our union really has.

In refusing to recognize their tech employees’ union last week, the New York Times claimed that they had “heard questions and concerns from many colleagues about what this would really mean for their careers.” If Brookings management chooses not to recognize us, they may make similar, disingenuous arguments.

But we went public with our union after nearly three years of organizing, hundreds of conversations with staff, and after a supermajority of eligible staff had already demonstrated and voiced support for the union by signing an authorization card.

While we have demonstrated widespread support already, the voluntary recognition process includes a “card check” wherein a trusted third-party will confidentially review our cards to confirm that we have support from a majority of staff (spoiler: we do!).

In the event that management chooses not to voluntarily recognize our union and instead forces us to file for an NLRB election, we are confident we will win—because a huge majority of us have ALREADY voted for the union by signing cards and continue to attend union meetings and recertify our support. 

We are confident based upon our strong support that our union will be certified either by voluntary recognition or by an election, and we are hopeful Brookings management supports their nonsupervisory staff by voluntarily recognizing our union. This entire effort has been a collective one, and the widespread support that this has across Brookings is what has made our union possible.

—Brookings United Organizing Committee